My Dog Freaks Out When I Leave: What To Do


Your dog probably loves you more than most humans. They have a sense of attachment that is beyond the comprehension of many human friends. That is why it is said that your dog is your best buddy. Similarly, when you own a dog, there are chances that they won’t leave you alone. In such situations, they panic and suffer from anxiety when they leave. This is called separation anxiety that is a common phenomenon in most dogs. If they freak out and destroy stuff around when you leave, do not worry. There are ways to help them cope with the situation.

Causes Of Separation Anxiety 

There are a few factors that cause separation anxiety in dogs. Some of them are –

  • Change of ownership 
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Change of place
  • Change in routine 
  • Being left alone for too long

Symptoms Of Separation Anxiety 

A dog who experience anxiety when left alone suffer from the following –

  • They howl, bark, and whine a lot 
  • Cause indoor accidents
  • Chews things up or scratches things at home
  • Excessive panting 
  • Try to escape 

How Can You Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

It is not practically possible to stay with your dog the whole time at home especially, for working owners. Therefore, if your dog suffers from chronic separation anxiety, here are a few things you can do:

Use CBD oil for dogs with anxiety

What is CBD and how is it beneficial for your dog? CBD oil or cannabinoid oil has shown effectiveness in both humans and dogs in dealing with anxiety. It has antipsychotic properties that help dogs cope with anxiety-like symptoms whenever a situation triggers anxiety in them. For this reason, you can use CBD oil combined with a few behavior and mind training for your dog.

Take Your Dog For A Walk

Before you leave for work or anywhere else, it is better if you take your dog on a walk. This makes them tired after a long walk and puts them in a calm and resting mode. Therefore, you can start your day by taking your dog for a quick walk. 

Do Not Make Your Departure Prominent 

It is best to leave the house without making them notice that you have no touch, eye contact, or communication. It is a great way to teach your dog that you’ve just left for a small gap and will be back soon. They don’t make a big deal about your departure, knowing you will return home soon. 

Do Not Bid Goodbye To Your Dog Before You Leave

It is recommended not to make it obvious to your dog that you are leaving. Please do not make them feel you will be gone for long. Please do not make them accustomed to your goodies every time you leave. 

Medications Might Help 

Consult your vet before you use medication with your dog. However, studies suggest that medication can help your dog cope with separation anxiety, especially when it is a severe case of anxiety. Anti-anxiety medication can help dogs calm themselves at some level when left alone. Therefore, it is best to consult your vet to give them the right medication. 


When your dog isn’t behaving the usual when you leave, it means that it will be worse when you have already left. Do not ever leave your dog in such a condition, especially when you know that they will freak out when you leave. Please find the best ways to help them overcome stressful situations since they deserve the best treatment and compassion from you!

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