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The Best Things to Do in Littleton ColoradoThe Best Things to Do in Littleton Colorado

If you are looking for a little adventure or just want to relax with some time on your hands, then Littleton Colorado is the perfect place for you. With its beautiful scenery and bustling community, this small town has something to offer everyone! Here are my top things to do in Littleton.

Visit the Red Rocks Park

This 2-mile trail features amazing views of nature and is one of the most popular destinations in all of Colorado! Plus, it’s an easy hike that can be done by anyone at any skill level. You’ll love taking pictures while admiring the magnificent rock formations around every corner.

Visit the Butterfly Pavilion

Another popular destination in Littleton, this indoor butterfly house is a must-see for any nature lover. Be amazed as you walk through three separate exhibits and get to see hundreds of butterflies up close! If you’re lucky enough (or plan ahead), come during feeding time where they will give you live crickets to feed to the butterflies.

Visit a Shopping Center

Since Littleton is so close to Denver, it has many great shopping centers that are perfect for both residents and visitors alike! From outdoor malls to indoor shops, you’ll find everything your heart desires here in one place. Plus, there’s no need to worry about parking as there are several lots available. Whether you’re a local with a credit card from a one of the credit unions Littleton, or have a bigger bank card, the stores at the shopping center accept a variety of different cards.

Head out for brunch at Blueberry Hill Cafe

Blueberry Hill Cafe is a quaint and cozy cafe that offers both breakfast and lunch options. The atmosphere is very family friendly, yet still perfect for date night with your significant other or friends. While they offer several different types of food on their menu, my personal favorite are the omelets! They have almost any type you can think of from Denver to Greek style along with other unique options like the Denver Nuggets and Philly Cheesesteak omelets.

We hope this article gave you some insights into a perfect day in Littleton, Colorado!

Guide To Erie, CO: What to do in the 4 SeasonsGuide To Erie, CO: What to do in the 4 Seasons

Erie is a town located in the middle of Colorado. Known as an excellent place for outdoor activities, Erie offers many things to do all year round. For those looking for Erie homes for sale, this blog article will provide information about what each season has to offer.

Summer Activities

In the summer, you can enjoy hiking and biking trails or fishing on one of the many lakes in Erie. Erie is conveniently located near various national forest. National forest are great in the summer because they allow for hiking, biking and camping. Some national forest include Arapaho NF, Pike National Forest and Rocky Mountain NP.

Summer is also a great time for fishing in Erie because the lakes are filled with many different types of fish including trout, catfish and bass. In addition to various activities you can do outdoors during summer months, there are several festivals that take place throughout July and August at Lake Ave and East Village Park including the Erie Art and Music Festival.

Fall Activities

The fall in Erie brings cooler weather, which makes it a great time to be outside! There are plenty of different colors on display at The Arvada Center’s annual Fall Festival and Farmers Market.

Fall is also known as one of the most beautiful times for autumn colors. All around Erie you can find trees that turn bright yellows, oranges and reds. It’s one of the best times to be outside to see nature. Many animals are out during the days and the colors are vibrant.

Winter Activities

Winter brings snow which allows locals to play winter sports like skiing or snowshoeing up at Granby Ranch Mountain Resort. In the town of Erie itself, you can head down to one of two ice skating rinks at Lake Ave and East Village Park or Perry Park.

Winter is also a great time for those who love shopping! The Olde Town district has an annual Holiday Craft Fair with local artists selling their goods along Main Street. Winter visitors to Erie can enjoy holiday festivities, a variety of shopping opportunities and the smells and tastes of holiday treats.

Spring Activities

Finally, springtime provides beautiful flowers blooming throughout Erie and residents enjoying its mild weather. The spring in Erie brings many different activities as well! In April you can attend any number of festivals that take place at Lake Ave and East Village Park including The Spring Art Festival or Lafayette’s Miner’s Day. You can also enjoy live entertainment on the outdoor stage at Lake Ave.

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Benefits of Getting Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in ColoradoBenefits of Getting Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in Colorado

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a condition that develops from peripheral arterial occlusive disease. There are many causes for peripheral artery diseases, and the most common reasons are: diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking tobacco products or lack of exercise. In this post we will discuss peripheral artery disease treatment in Colorado, which includes lifestyle modifications to help manage symptoms as well as surgical procedures to repair peripheral arteries.

Lifestyle modifications may include dietary modifications such as eating healthy and getting regular exercise. Lifestyle changes may also involve stopping smoking tobacco products or any other bad habits that could be contributing to peripheral artery disease. Lifestyle modifications can help you reduce risk for peripheral artery disease and help manage symptoms.

If peripheral artery disease progresses to the point where peripheral arteries are severely blocked, surgery or other medical procedures might be needed. Surgical procedures to repair peripheral arteries can be done by endovascular aneurysm repair, bypass surgery or coronary angiography followed by percutaneous coronary intervention with stenting. These procedures help increase blood flow in peripheral vessels by using a procedure such as balloon angioplasty followed by peripheral stenting.

Seeking PAD treatment in Colorado can help with both lifestyle changes and surgical needs if necessary. The lifestyle in Colorado is filled with active, outdoor-focused people who generally live in a healthy way. If changing lifestyles doesn’t help your peripheral artery disease, there are a handful of trained doctors and medical professionals who can help guide you through alternative treatment options.