Day: August 12, 2021

Benefits of Getting Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in ColoradoBenefits of Getting Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in Colorado

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a condition that develops from peripheral arterial occlusive disease. There are many causes for peripheral artery diseases, and the most common reasons are: diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking tobacco products or lack of exercise. In this post we will discuss peripheral artery disease treatment in Colorado, which includes lifestyle modifications to help manage symptoms as well as surgical procedures to repair peripheral arteries.

Lifestyle modifications may include dietary modifications such as eating healthy and getting regular exercise. Lifestyle changes may also involve stopping smoking tobacco products or any other bad habits that could be contributing to peripheral artery disease. Lifestyle modifications can help you reduce risk for peripheral artery disease and help manage symptoms.

If peripheral artery disease progresses to the point where peripheral arteries are severely blocked, surgery or other medical procedures might be needed. Surgical procedures to repair peripheral arteries can be done by endovascular aneurysm repair, bypass surgery or coronary angiography followed by percutaneous coronary intervention with stenting. These procedures help increase blood flow in peripheral vessels by using a procedure such as balloon angioplasty followed by peripheral stenting.

Seeking PAD treatment in Colorado can help with both lifestyle changes and surgical needs if necessary. The lifestyle in Colorado is filled with active, outdoor-focused people who generally live in a healthy way. If changing lifestyles doesn’t help your peripheral artery disease, there are a handful of trained doctors and medical professionals who can help guide you through alternative treatment options.