Month: March 2021

Effective, Reliable Occupational Medical ExamsEffective, Reliable Occupational Medical Exams

Workplace medical exams (or in Spanish, “CERTOLAB examen medico laboral Mexico“) are a necessary but often stressful component of every job application for your employees. These exams are done in order to determine your employees’ fitness and capacity for the tasks you require them to perform, and they are also a way for you to ensure that they don’t have any conditions that would prevent them from doing the job, nor render them a liability to your company, whether financially or health-wise. While most job applicants understand the need for the exams, they may not understand what to expect during the exam, or how to prepare for it.

For any business where health and safety is a priority, outsourcing to specialists in occupational health will greatly save you time, expenses and insurance costs. Be careful: in order to comply with Mexican laws and have a safe workplace, it is best to choose an outsourcer with a proven track record of honesty. You’ll want to start doing some research so you know what to expect. Knowing what to expect from your medical outsourcers can help you relax and focus on performing your best.

As an employer, you are legally responsible for making sure that your employees receive the necessary medical exams.

Comprehensive medical examinations can encompass the following, all offered by our recommended provider (linked to a bit later in this article)

  • Medical history (anamnesis)
  • Laboratory studies
  • Complete physical exam
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • Clinical and paraclinical test analysis
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Diagnostic imaging: X-ray (lumbosacral, chest) and ultrasound

With all of these tests successfully and accurately completed, they are correlated and combined to provide an overall diagnosis of the patient’s health, and specific recommendations for their employment.

In the U.S, medical exams are done on a regular basis in the workplace, to ensure that employees are fit for work and to identify potential health issues. In Mexico, medical exams are also required before a person can work at a particular job (and over the course of their employment), and in addition are typically divided up into several different categories.

Medical exams in Mexico are generally labelled as occurring in the following stages:

  • Pre-employment (entrance)
  • Periodic
  • Retirement
  • Post-accident

Employers increasingly want to know a lot about their future employees. This can include not just physical health, but emotional health. As a result, a Mexican requirement for companies is the reduction of psycho-social risk factors. When this is implemented, it provides many benefits to both the employer and the employee.

A medical exam for your company is most efficient through mobile units. Mobile units provide a convenient and cost-effective way to conduct your company’s required medical examinations. A mobile unit offers the advantages of shorter lines, better scheduling flexibility, and on-site testing. Mobile units also allow employees to effectively have their tests done at their residence.

Medical exams from our recommended company can provide reliable testimony of your employees’ health, and how they do in a pre-employment medical (examenes de ingreso CERTOLAB). Their medical exams are current, reliable, and comprehensive, and they have a proven track record of creating safer workplaces.